Al Brown’s Dishing Up Australia

One of New Zealand’s favourite chefs takes on a culinary journey across Australia to show us the best of their local fare.

Al Brown’s Dishing Up Australia

Al Brown’s Dishing Up Australia


Embark on a delightful 10-part series with Al, as he journeys through New South Wales, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, Northern Tropical Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania.

With his trusty burner by his side, Al masterfully cooks in a variety of fascinating locations across the country. In classic Al Brown fashion, he builds fires on rocky coastlines and expertly prepares fresh lobster wrapped in bull kelp. He'll tantalise your taste buds when whipping up a delicious crab and Moreton Bay bug pineapple and chilli salad with effortless grace. On a beautiful houseboat along the Murray River, he even slow-cooks a goat dish. There is no challenge too daunting for Al.

Joining Al on his culinary journey are world-class chefs such as Tetsuya, Mark Olive, and Maggie Beer. Al takes viewers on a side-splitting, off-the-cuff adventure, exploring hidden back alleys and iconic markets, all while showcasing the delectable local cuisine. With such mouth-watering television, this series is not to be missed!



Series Details

Imagination Television Ltd. Original Format

  • Series 1, 2013 - 10 x 1/2 hour


International Distribution

  • Imagination Television Ltd - Worldwide
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