This observational reality series follows the lives of women facing the day to day trials and tribulations of preparing for birth.




Over the course of several months, the show provides a raw and intimate look at the unique challenges and joys of pregnancy, as well as the different paths women take towards motherhood.

“Babies" features a diverse cast of women who each bring their own perspectives and experiences to the show. Through their stories, we gain insight into the physical and emotional demands of pregnancy, as well as the social and economic pressures that can affect women's experiences.

As we follow the journeys of these ten women, we witness the power of community and support in helping them overcome the challenges of pregnancy and prepare for the arrival of their babies. We also see the resilience and strength of women as they face the unknown and adapt to the changes that pregnancy brings.

“Babies"  is a captivating and insightful series that celebrates the diversity and complexity of women's experiences during pregnancy and reminds us of the universal joys and struggles of motherhood.



Series Details

Imagination Television Ltd. Original Format

  • Series 1, 2001 - 10 x 1/2 Hour


  • Finalist, Best Factual Series New Zealand Television Awards

International Distribution

  • Imagination Television Ltd - Worldwide.
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