Holding Court

Kiwi basketball star Steven Adams shares his wisdom with ambitious young players courtside in this inspiring documentary series.

Holding Court

Holding Court
Maori Television


Following the humble and sometimes hilariousSteven Adams, this NBA superstar uses his skills to engage with young kiwis ina series featuring his appearances at basketball camps in three cities of NewZealand.


Life as an NBA star has made Steven big bucksbut that hasn’t changed his attitude of his desire to share his knowledge andsupport to young players who one day hope to emulate his journey to success andhis rise to the top of America’s top league. This documentary shows us a sideof Steven rarely seen but proves his commitment to the game and to his country.While he gives top tips of the game to the players he also shares stories ofhis early years as a kid and life now as a superstar.


Series Details

Series 1, 2019 - 6 x 1/2 hour


International Distribution

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