House Hunt

Does the Kiwi dream of owning your own home remains a reality or just a fast fading fantasy?

House Hunt

House Hunt
Made with the support of NZ On Air


A heartfelt observational documentary series,  House Hunt follows the journeys of diverse couples, families and friends from all walks of life and all cultural backgrounds as they struggle to achieve the near impossible – to buy their first home in New Zealand’s overheated property market.

From desperate open home searches and multiple failed auctions, last minute financial challenges and inevitable relationship conflict; to the exhaustion and elation of home-buying success - or the devastation of missing out - House Hunt chronicles the gamut of emotions that face New Zealand’s first home buyers.

Can couples avoid joining a growing generation of renters? Or is it possible to achieve the ultimate Kiwi dream, and find a place to buy, and to call their own home?



Series Details

Imagination Television Ltd. Original Format

  • Series 1, 2015 - 10 x 1/2 Hour


International Distribution

  • Imagination Television Ltd - Worldwide
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