New Zealand's Worst Driver

Some of the worst drivers on NZ roads compete to improve their skills and win the series.

New Zealand's Worst Driver

New Zealand's Worst Driver


A group of drivers face a series of challenges that test not only their driving ability but also their nerves and resilience. Over the course of the series, these drivers are pushed to their limits as they try to improve their skills and become the most improved driver, all while vying for the grand prize - a brand new car.

The challenges are carefully designed to assess the drivers' strengths and weaknesses, and to push them out of their comfort zones. From navigating treacherous obstacle courses to performing precise manoeuvres under intense pressure, each task requires skill, concentration, and nerves of steel.

With each passing episode, the drivers become more skilled and confident, rising to the challenges and proving their worth as competent and capable drivers.

In the end, only one driver will emerge as the most improved, winning the coveted prize of a new car and the title of the show's champion. The pressure is on, and tensions run high as the drivers battle it out to avoid being named NZ's Worst Driver, a title that comes with consequence - their car being crushed.



Series Details

  • Series 1, 2005 - 8 x 1/2 Hour


International Distribution

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