Heartbreak Island

The world of online dating goes offline as love and tactics explode in this hot reality dating show.

Heartbreak Island

Heartbreak Island
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Heartbreak Island is an original reality series developed and created by Imagination Television in New Zealand. It takes the world of online dating offline in a cut-throat game of popularity only one couple can win.


Shoot or get shot; that’s the dilemma of these hot contestants who arrive on a beautiful tropical island looking for love. First, they’re matched through choices they’ve made from a few pix and a short bio description on a dating app profile created for the show. Then they must find the match that can take them all the way to win a prize package of $100,000.


In this game sexy singles battle to conquer the dating game and crush their rivals. But can they win a heart and avoid the target of their fellow contestants to win? Each week contestants face a Passion Play where they can stay or stray to recouple with the person they believe is the best match for them. Then they compete in fun challenges with their partner to avoid Elimination and get closer to the prize. The couple that loses the challenge faces Elimination BUT contestants can be saved by fellow competitors by activating the Playback option at Elimination. The last couple standing wins all the cash and prizes.

Heartbreak Island engages its audience in a game of life with dramatic consequences. There’s heartache and heartbreak as contestants face a battle to find love and avoid betrayal in their attempt to win the game. It’s a multi-platform series that successfully drives the conversation from the screen to social media.

This is a fresh and exciting new concept that takes the reality dating genre to a whole new level. The viewer gets to observe how young people react in a world where dating and relationships begin in an online space but develop in real life.

Series Details

    Imagination Television Ltd. Original Format

    • Series 1, 2018 - 15 x 1 hour
    • Series 2, 2019 - 24 x 30 mins
    • Series 3, 2022 - 18 x 1 hour


    International Distribution

    • Red Arrow Studios International – all territories except NZ / Australia.
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