Honey We're Killing The Kids

Tackling the obesity problem head-on, seven sets of parents get a glimpse of their children’s future if their unhealthy parenting continues.

Honey We're Killing The Kids

Honey We're Killing The Kids


Using state-of-the-art technology, these parents watch forecast images of what their children will look like when they reach middle age, if they continue their current unhealthy lifestyles. 'Honey We're Killing The Kids' performs a series of medical, nutritional and psychological tests on each child, based on their current lifestyle.

After each of the children undergoes this series of tests, pictures of the children, their parents and their extended family will be used to get a good idea of how the children could look at the age of 40. For many parents, the rosy future they had pictured for their children, doesn't match the image before their eyes. Often the children are found to be unhealthy, unhappy, under-achievers, and it seems it's largely their parents' fault.

Experts work with the parents as they attempt to transform their family's lifestyle and change the face of their children's future.



Series Details

  • Series 1, 2006 - 7 x 1 Hour


International Distribution

  • BBC Worldwide
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