My Kitchen Rules

Teams of two from all around the country compete in their own kitchens to show off their culinary skills, and impress the judges to take out the ultimate prize.

My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules


Aspiring chefs from all corners of the country unite to compete in a culinary battle of skills, creativity, and teamwork. These talented individuals form teams of two and embark on a culinary journey that pushes them to their limits and challenges them to bring their best to the table. As they enter the competition, the contestants are met with a rigorous set of challenges designed to test their culinary expertise. From creating the perfect appetiser to whipping up a delectable dessert, every dish must be a masterpiece that wows the judges and tantalises the taste buds of the audience.

Beyond their culinary skills, the competitors must also possess the ability to work seamlessly as a team. Collaboration is key as each individual brings their unique flair and expertise to the kitchen, working together to create meals that are greater than the sum of their parts. Throughout the competition, the pressure is on as the contestants strive to outdo each other and impress the judges. They must think on their feet, adapt to new challenges, and experiment with new ingredients, all while maintaining their composure under the intense reviews from the judges.



Series Details

  • Series 1, 2014 - 30 x 1 Hour
  • Series 2, 2015 - 20 x 1 Hour


International Distribution

  • Banijay Rights
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